Sunday, December 17, 2017

Audrey and Marilyn: The Most Inspirational Female Hollywood Icons and What We Can Learn from Their Style

The storefront window, those fashionable sunglasses, the coffee, the music playing in the background, and of course, that little black dress. She had a sense of style and pizazz.

Any card carrying woman has to see "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (written by Truman Capote and directed by Blake Edwards 1961) in order to call herself a true fashion forward woman--or even just a woman, for that matter!

The movie is magical. The character Holly Golightly portrayed by Audrey Hepburn is magical, whimsical, most of all, incredibly chic!

Breathy steam....and that white dress....floating out for everyone to see......Marilyn Monroe in the "Seven Year Itch" (Written: George Wilder, Co-written Directed: by Billy Wilder 1955). Perhaps, what was considered the antithesis of Audrey: she represented sexuality in all its forms: the vixen, the lolita, the damsel in distress...but Marilyn Monroe also had her own sense of style, perhaps, not as refined as Audrey's. However, there is something the modern woman can take from both of these icons and put into her modern attitude and her wardrobe.

While Audrey was the educated, cool and sophisticated, but somewhat vulnerable, lady, Marilyn was the vampy sexpot that was also somewhat vulnerable beneath it all. The vulnerability and "Je ne sais quoi" each woman had was the commonality that made each woman famous.

Now, fashion was a very different story for both women. Audrey the simple, chic kind of woman would always practice restraint and sensibility. Marilyn, the bombshell, would try anything to hug her curves. Modern women, taking both icons and putting their tastes together would create the perfect wardrobe. Sexy but chic. Stylish but not stuffy.

Here's how to achieve the look:

1. Always wear large dark sunglasses (like Audrey) and fire-engine red lipstick (like Marilyn) when you need to look fab on the go. Need help choosing the right eye wear? Read up on why these MVMT sunglasses are hot, Hot, HOT!

2. Opt for some skinny Jeans and ballet flats like Audrey Hepburn, but, instead of wearing a full-coverage top, for instance, wear an off the shoulder close-fitting tunic (like Marilyn), put on some red lipstick and pull your hair back into a tight low ballerina bun like Audrey. Don't break the bank and check what's available at Walmart.

3. Always make a balance between sexy and classy. This is what they always tell you, right? Well, it makes it easier to use actual icons as inspiration and who better than a woman who is the icon of class (Audrey) and the woman who is the icon of sexiness (Marilyn)? Look for last minute deals on classy chronograph watches.

4. Another cute outfit to try is a sexy pencil skirt (try black satin for evening and a less shiny fabric for day). Instead of pairing this with a breast baring top (as Marilyn often did) you can, instead match it with a sleeveless turtleneck in black, gray or white (very Audrey), pair with some peep toes for a Marilyn look, or some point kitten heels for an Audrey look (this makes the outfit appropriate for evening or day wear).

5. For accessories: both women actually wore small hoop earrings. You can try those or some pearl drop earrings. Also, carry a bright red leather clutch (for a Marilyn look) or a large black structured bag (for an Audrey look)

6. Perhaps, when dressing like either woman, the most important thing you can have is attitude. Always say please and thank you. Never interrupt anyone rudely. Sit with ankles crossed, not legs! (Ankles is always the proper way). Also create a mystery about you and always leave men guessing. Never tell them too much about what you are doing, where you are going, etc... (Looking good isn't just what you wear it's how you act, too!)

There you have it, the perfect blend of Audrey and Marilyn for any woman to use as an inspiration for fashion! Check out this informative video as well: