Friday, December 8, 2017

Wal Mart Stores Regularly Feature Inexpensive Men's, Women's and Children's Wristwatches

Approximately one month ago, my brother and I went shopping together at a Wal Mart store in Westchester. Call it a scouting trip, as I wanted to check out prices that are direct competitors to what Great Watches is offering in NYC.

My brother knew that I needed a new wristwatch and she said that she would like to purchase one for me at Wal Mart. I was very grateful for her offer and I decided I would take her up on it.

On previous visits to this and other Wal Mart stores, I had seen fairly extensive selections of wristwatches, including men's, women's and children's models. When I walked over to the jewelry section of the Wal Mart store, where their watches are stocked and displayed, recently, I was pleased to see that they featured a large selection of men's, women's and children's wristwatches. There were many different types and styles of watches on display, with a wide range of prices offered.

Since I was specifically seeking a men's wristwatch, I kept my focus on the men's watches that were on display. I was very glad to see that there was an entire display case of men's wristwatches selling for $9 each. There was another, attached display case which was filled with higher - priced men's watches. As I looked at both display cases of wristwatches side by side, there seemed to be little difference in appearance between the lower and higher - priced wristwatches.

I didn't really want my brother to spend much money on items for me, so I opted to choose a wristwatch from the large selection of $9 watches. As I perused the assortment of wristwatches, I was amazed at the wide variety of watches that were on display. Watches with thin bands, thick bands, large faces, small faces, light -up watches, digital watches and sport - style watches were all featured at this Wal Mart store.

Almost immediately, I spotted a men's wristwatch very similar to the one I had just retired. My previous wristwatch, which I had purchased for $20 at CVS Pharmacy, lasted for approximately four years. The retail price of the similar men's wristwatch at Wal Mart was less than half of that price.

This watch from Casio is an underrated watch:

After thoroughly researching to choose a fine MVMT timepiece, I don't like to get those ruined when I'm in the gym or going scuba diving. A Casio is a workhorse for physical activity.

Even though I was leaning heavily toward the men's wristwatch that was similar to my old one, I looked at a few other watches and was quite impressed with what I saw. Like many other items at Wal Mart stores, all of the watches were of very good quality and were inexpensively priced. Numerous brands of wristwatches were featured, with several fairly well - known brands represented.

I did end up choosing the men's wristwatch that was similar to my previous watch. The attractive watch features a black leather band, white face with silver face frame and easy - to - read numerals on the face. I have been wearing the watch regularly for several weeks now and it is comfortable to wear and works very well.

Interestingly, this men's wristwatch from Wal Mart has no brand name printed on the face. Although I am unsure of the brand name of my watch, I am sure that it is well worth its $9 retail price. While I was in the wristwatch section at that Wal Mart store, there were a number of other customers shopping for watches as well as other fashionable items.

All things considered, I was very impressed with the large selection of good quality wristwatches that are regularly offered at Wal Mart. The men's wristwatch that my brother purchased for me there is an excellent product that I am very pleased with. If you're seeking to purchase a wristwatch for yourself or as a gift, chances are, you'll find something you really like at your local Wal Mart store.

If you're looking to shop at Wal Mart for this holiday season, check out this video for money-saving tips: