Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Where I found the Best Prices on Gucci Watches

Finding a mens Gucci watch at a bargain price for my husband's birthday turned out to be easier than I thought. I never pay full price for anything and I certainly wasn't going to start paying full price just for a fancy designer watch.

I cruised the net at the large retail stores to find the watch that I wanted. No, I didn't buy the watch at one of these stores. I wrote down the model numbers of the Gucci watches that I liked, their regular price and did a quick search engine search.

Here's where I found the best deals on Gucci watches:

Great Watches NYC: Yes, I'm a bit biased but I swear the best place on the Internet to get the latest info and luxury watches on the Internet is my watch store. We carry almost every brand, and we review every single option out there. For the latest, check out where we think you should shop this Black Friday 2017. This company gets tons of watches including Gucci watches and sells them at very competitive liquidation prices. What's nice about buying from this company is that shipping is dirt cheap and sometimes even free. Shipping is quick. Customers leave reviews on the product for others to view before purchasing. Returns are easy, print out the return label on the website and send it back. That's it. Paying is easy too, Overstock accepts credit cards and PayPal. Personally, I like the PayPal feature for buying a gift for my husband because he'll never know about it. My credit card on the other hand, he just might see the purchase.

eBay: Buyer beware he because you may actually get scammed buying a Gucci Watch here. Be careful who you buy from and always read the feedback. Once you get passed the buyer beware bit, you may actually find some really cheap Gucci watches here. Some sellers are employees of Gucci stores. They are allowed to buy a few a year during their special employee sales. They then turn around and sell them on eBay for a profit and still at a better cost than a consumer could buy in the Gucci store.

Here's how to get the best price on a Gucci watch at a retail store:

Visit the online store first and find what you are looking for. Then browse and my favorite, These sites have hundreds, maybe thousands of coupon codes for on line use. They can help you look classy like Audrey Hepburn without burning a hole in your pocket.

Talk to friends who may work in retail and are willing to give you their employee discount or get you on their friends and family list for special sale days.

Think about getting a free Gucci watch:

Believe it or not, your credit card may have enough rewards points that may be used to get the Gucci watch you want. Some credit cards have better rewards than others. If you are finding that your credit card doesn't have the kind of rewards you are looking for, it may be time to move on to another program.

A free Gucci watch may actually be purchased with rewards on some cards. Generally these types of rewards cost more in points than it would for you to get the cash back in a visa gift card research this carefully because it may make more sense to purchase a visa gift card with rewards to buy the Gucci watch then it does to get the Gucci watch directly through your rewards points service.